Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Artist's Statement

A few months ago I thought I'd better compose an Artist's Statement for my painting. So, I thought I'd show it to you:

- Painter, Photographer, Poet

My paintings tend to be a one-act performance

My paintings are performed in a meditative state of consciousness.

My paintings are representational of the intricate and interconnected web of the cosmos as believed in Hinduism and Buddhism and recently proven by Physics: The Cosmic Net, if you like, or the Mathematical Chaos of form that is in perpetual flux, the eternal pattern of growth and collapse, of flowing and contracting.

They are about aesthetics and line, rather than analysis and form. That is to say, they are not representational of objects, not about figure, but a 2-dimensional pattern more related to drawing and calligraphy than the traditional expectation of painting with its representation of the outside world.

My paintings are about the inner world - the unconscious. And they are organic rather than cerebral, spontaneous rather than planned, natural rather than pre-determined.

Like past artists who painted in a similar style (eg. Jackson Pollock) my easel is the floor, and my paint is poured. Sticks and knives of various sizes are my brushes, and my paints are largely enamel paints because they give me the fluidity of line that I am seeking, affording better continuity during the ‘performance‘.

This painting style has its roots in Native American sand-painting, but also in the kolam and mandalas of Hinduism and Buddhism, respectively, which are performed in a state of No-Mind, or Trance. However, mine are not symbolic in nature, but representational of Wholeness. They are spontaneous and free.

Each is unique, and success or failure hinges on being in Sacred Space. Success is measured by harmony, pattern, balance. If a painting fails it is because Ego, or thought, has intruded. These paintings are based on intuition rather than relying on knowledge.

Each piece is approached with a dedication to Universal Spirit for the greater good of All.; and a period of initial meditation in order to access Sacred Space.


I have always had an interest in the unconscious mind and psychology. I spent over 20 years working in Psychiatry so my subject is a natural progression from that. Also, I have a strong interest in Eastern Spirituality and practice and man’s eternal search for Wholeness. In this respect I regularly meditate. This helps me access Sacred Space.
When I studied Fine Art I was drawn to Abstract Expressionism exemplified by the work of Jackson Pollock and the whole New York School during that period.

Mark F Chaddock, 2011

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